Happy Birthday Misha Collins 💗 💖

Homeland Security? That’s pretty illegal, even for us.


Jared Padalecki ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

Jensen was clearly enjoying this too much.




"I love people who’ve had torture in their lives, and still rolled their sleeves up and got to the other side - having gotten through some of the dark things in life, I am entertained by the little bent view some of us have of the world."

Happy 45th birthday, Matthew L. Perry! [August 19, 1969]

he is so pretty and funny :3

Klaus +Stick out tongue when faced with Caroline


When we win; when we bring on the apocalypse and burn this earth down, we’ll owe it all to you, Dean Winchester

H50 - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jared Padalecki ALS Ice Bucket Challenge